Whole foods and nutrient supplementation are vital to the mind, body, and spirit.

Nutrition plays an essential role in creating optimal wellness.

Achieving balance and wellness requires a multifaceted approach, including proper hormone function and gut health as well as stress management and lowering inflammation. Hormone replacement therapy is not effective if you don’t also address your body’s nutritional needs. Nutrient balance cannot be achieved with a faulty gut. All systems must work together to achieve optimal health.

Nutrient deficiencies must be corrected to achieve total wellness. Nutraceutical therapies and whole foods guidance can help you reach your wellness goals, not only for optimal function and weight loss, but to fight environmental damage and enhance performance too.

At Wellpower MD we thoroughly evaluate your dietary habits, and measure nutrient status with advanced testing including minerals, vitamins, antioxidant levels. Food sensitivity testing and gut health evaluation may also be recommended for those experiencing certain symptoms, difficulty with weight loss and nutrient deficiencies.

We utilize biomarkers and hormone balancing to further aid in optimizing your metabolism, and then create a personalized plan to empower you to move towards your ideal weight and feel your absolute best. 

Patients with proper nutrient support and customized comprehensive therapy plans are often surprised at how much better they feel with the proper optimization plan in place.