At Wellpower MD we take a holistic approach to wellness. We consider the entire person, mind, body and spirit when formulating a plan. Using food as medicine, addressing your essence and applying advanced technology we create a comprehensive individualized program to help you reach your health potential.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an innovative approach to medical care. It uses the latest medical research to develop personalized care for each patient based on his or her unique environment, lifestyle, and genes. The result is a dynamic, effective way to address and prevent chronic disease and optimize wellness.

Empowering you with wellness – A Collaborative Approach

At Wellpower MD, Dr. Andrea Kreithen is your physician. She is board certified in Family Medicine and has advanced training in both functional and anti-aging medicine.

“My philosophy is one of collaboration. I do my best to offer the most up-to-date advice and technologies for optimizing your well-being and meeting you where you are to help move you toward your goals of wellness, be it curing disease and diminishing unpleasant symptoms or optimizing your health at any age.” Dr. Andrea

At Wellpower MD we utilize hormone management, nutrition counseling, and advanced testing along with lifestyle modifications and conventional medicine when necessary. We take a very personalized approach to care and each plan of measurement and action is tailored to the individual. We have an extensive team of supportive referral sources for our holistic approach including nutritionists with specialized training in using food as medicine, as well as functional bodyworkers and mindfulness experts too.

The Concierge Concept

At Wellpower MD we have a unique way of relating with patients. We offer our primary care/ functional medicine services as a membership. Dr. Andrea can be your personal primary physician or you can keep your primary and come to Wellpower MD for wellness consulting .

Either way, we charge a nominal annual membership fee of $1800 in addition to accepting insurance for visits in order to keep our patient load lower for more time and a better relationship with your physician. You can expect to have extended appointment times, easy open access with minimal wait time, and personalized care utilizing the best of both integrative and conventional medicine. This additional fee is not covered by health insurance. Patients can dial/text or email with Dr. Andrea directly and are often surprised by her accessibility.*

We look forward to empowering you with wellness!

*membership fee not required for medical aesthetics and female rejuvenation services